100 Days Transformation Schedule

Here is the tentative schedule for the 100 Days of Transformation – a unique program designed to assist you in making lasting changes in mind, body, and spirit!

The Art of Embodiment – physical embodiment as spiritual practice. Often people separate spiritual work – or inner work as it’s often called – from physical conditioning. We teach Qigong & Baguazhang because it helps strengthen and ground the body to help people on their inner journey. The stronger you are, the better able you are to hold higher frequencies within your body. You are able to hold a better electron charge in your cells, thus increasing ATP (adenosine triphosphate) from your mitochondria.

Increasingly more studies are showing that many diseases are a result of mitochondrial dysfunction. When cells are no longer able to hold a charge, they do not function as efficiently, resulting in poor health because our organs and tissues no longer function optimally. We will be covering this more in a subsequent post on 4th phase water (EZ water/exclusion zone water).

Our cells communicate through scalar waves and when there are blocks to our coherence, the correct messages from hormones and other body messengers cannot send the right messages to our cells. Qigong, Baguazhang, and many other forms of exercise can help open up the fascia in the body, massage the organs, and unblock energy for better coherence in your bioenergetic field. While there are many modalities that help you in a spiritual and energetic sense, physical exercise assists your body in being stronger to hold a higher frequency once you unblock the incoherences.

We are only accepting 10 participants into this program! Payment options are available. Visit the registration page for more info!

This week on the podcast, we welcomed our kids Alyssa & Ethan for a lively and fun-filled discussion on social media influencers, judgment, and discernment. Many follow trends without the knowledge and steps necessary to follow a practice of discipline. We talk about why reflecting inward often is the key to discerning what is right for you, and to be able to step out of judgment. You can check out the episode on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple podcasts & more!

In health & wellness,

~Kellie & Kelly

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We are specialists of physical movement with over 60 years experience, training and practice between us.

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