100 Days Transformation

We are excited to introduce a unique program that helps you transform over 100 days in body, mind, and spirit!

We are limiting this program to 10 participants! The program runs from February 18-May 31, 2023.

Throughout the 100 Days program we offer 8 specialized sessions over Zoom, 2 hours in length, each covering a specific movement set, modality, or meditation. We provide ongoing support in a private Facebook group where we answer questions, have weekly meditations, and encourage you to listen to your body in order to maintain consistent practice throughout. We will also have guests who post on other topics. AND participants will have a chance to book a one-on-one session with us!

You Will Learn:

– Qigong & Baguazhang, Xingyi Neigong
– mobility, meditation, breathwork
– nutrition, detoxing & more!

To register or for more info, visit: 100 Days Transformation

or email: wakingdao@gmail.com

We have a new Podcast live! This week we dive deep into how the very act of observation changes EVERYTHING! We discuss how we have a chance in every second to energetically reprogram our body, and how we are more powerful than we realize. Check it out at the link above, or on: Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts – or visit the Podcast page for more links to your favorite podcast platform.

We invite you to connect!

~Kellie & Kellie

Published by Kelly & Kellie

We are specialists of physical movement with over 60 years experience, training and practice between us.

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