Our in-person and online classes will resume in September. Stay tuned to this page for updates!

Whether you’d like to learn Qigong, practice the Chinese internal martial art of Baguazhang, participate in workshops, discussions, relax with meditation, or want to up your fitness game with a custom kettlebell, mace/club workout – we have something for you!

Web App – Join HERE or download the Passion app to your smartphone, search Legendary Living Arts, and sign up for FREE!

On the app we have a variety of courses in various Qigong and breathing methods, and our Baguazhang Mastery course!


Learn & practice The 8 Pieces of Brocade Qigong – a set that has been taught and used for over 3600 years. Increase blood flo/qi, open the fascia, strengthen the tendons and joints. An excellent, heart-centered set of exercises to help your physical health.


An internal art like Taichi, Baguazhang combines qigong with the meditative practice of Circle Walking to strengthen the body from the inside out. A more advanced discipline than Qigong, Bagua allows its deep conditioning of the fascia and tendons to help relax the nervous system and promote balance in the entire body. The style of Baguazhang taught in the online zoom classes is Jiang style.

Private Classes

Want private classes in any of our disciplines? Or do you want to refresh your fitness routine with something new? Along with his 35+ years of Bagua/Qigong training and teaching, Kelly is a certified personal trainer and Agatsu Level 1 certified Kettlebell and Mace/Club instructor. Email to book an appointment, or visit our shop to book a session: Golden Age Architects

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