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Ancient Healing for the Modern World…

Ancient Lineages Of Shaolin & Luohan Gong

Wai QI Liao Fa

Wai QI Liao Fa

Ancient Healing for the Modern World. Based in Ancient Shaolin and Luohan Qigong and Neijin methods, Wai Qi Liao Fa develops a practitioner’s skills for both in person and long distance healing.

A Wai QI Liao Fa healing session can feel like you have the area being worked on submerged in warm water, or that a magnetic current is moving through the area being healed. It is often explained as having an acupuncture treatment without the needles.

Qigong healing will ‘draw out’ the stuck or congested qi and often a short-lived reoccurrence of the issue will happen as the body processes out the previously stuck energy. Chronic issues that have been present for a long time can go through several cycles of healing before the body is cleared.

Healing Sessions: In Person or Long Distance

One session: $80.00 Five sessions: $325.00 Ten sessions: $650.00

Wai QI Liao Fa Medical Qigong System of Grandmaster Peng Jiu Ling

Shaolin Neijing Yi Zhi Chan Luohan Yi GOong Kong Jin Gong

Wài Qì Liáo Fǎ

Wài 外 External            Qì 气 Gas/Energy          Liáo 疗 Treatment         Fǎ 法 Method

Wai Qi Liao Fa roughly translates as healing with external qi. This method is the healing through transmitting qi from the hands or through the fingers of a practitioner to a patient. A unique branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it looks like Reiki, but is much, much more. Dedicated and consistent practice of Zhan Zhuang methods is required for basic skill in this art. Learning Wai Qi Liao Fa involves several levels of training and many years of dedicated practice.

Shaolin Neijing Yi Zhi Chan

Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan, means ‘Internal Essence of Non Intention Zen’. It is based in the discipline of opening the body and strengthening the meridians through the discipline of Zhan Zhuang (Jan Jong) to emit chi through the fingers and hands. It is an advanced Qigong of the Buddhist Chan tradition. Shaolin Neijing Yi Zhi Chan originated in the famous Shaolin Monastery in Song Shan, Henan Province, China.

Zhan Zhuang and finger bending is used to clear and open all the body’s energy channels. This allows a person to build up a reservoir of Qi/Chi and over time and practice, emit, and share Qi.  This type of practice naturally enhances and strengthens the nervous system, fascia, tendons, organs, and immune system. Consistent and disciplined practice allows a person to not only consciously emit and share Qi but also connects one to their Greater Kan & Li (Fire & Water), also known as Kundalini. Continued practice will connect you to your primordial energy, and the unique skills each person has within them.

Luohan Neijing Gong

Luohan Neijing Gong is an ancient Shaolin method based on Arhat (Buddhist Saints) postures that amplify and increases the strength of Qi in the body. Using specific body alignment, the meridians are engaged in such a way as to open and strengthen the linear and lateral meridians, amplifying qi flow in the body, both physical and non physical. Specific foot and leg and hand postures give the practitioner the ability to feel regional energies of the human body and to use cool, cold and hot Qi.

In this level of training the practitioner learns more advanced techniques for focusing and spiralling qi, shaking fingers to amplify qi and long-distance sharing of qi to rebalance others’ energy fields when distance is an issue.

Kong Jin Gong

This level of training further condenses and amplifies qi within the practitioner’s body. Training deepens the sensitivity of the nervous system through using various natural substances like water, sand, etc combined with further finger bending work. This is so a practitioner therapist can identify through feeling the energy body, where the qi is blocked, what regions and meridians are involved and what layers of the aura need to be addressed in order to create a wholistic balancing in a person’s body.

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