New Offerings & New Shop


Legendary Living Arts is pleased to announce that we have opened a new shop where you can purchase our personal training services, energy clearing, and healing facilitation services!

For over 25 years, we have done our own shadow and light work, building our skills, and collaborating with others for our own healing as well as to share with others. Golden Age Architects is a bridge – as we expand and evolve, we help others on their wellness journey to build bridges from the physical and emotional to the spiritual.

Here’s some of what you’ll find when you visit the shop:

~Personal Qigong or Baguazhang sessions – you can purchase one session, a package of 5 or 10

~Personal Energy Clearing sessions, Aura/Chakra Analysis, Coherence Block Analysis, Distance Quantum Healing Facilitation sessions, Personalized Meditations, and Shaolin Qi Distance Healing

~Stay tuned for more merchandise!

Our in-person and online classes are finished for the summer months. We will resume in the fall. Keep an eye on our Classes page for details. However, your training doesn’t have to end!

For more in-depth Qigong, Zhan Zhuang (Standing Stake), and to access our Baguazhang Mastery Program, visit our web app! There you can sign up for free, peruse the courses we offer, and purchase what resonates. These in-depth programs are designed to give you the physical tools to stay grounded, strengthen the body, and discipline the mind. There are two ways to join the community:

  1. Follow the link on your laptop or computer:

2. On your smartphone, you can download the Passion app, search for Legendary Living Arts, then sign up. It’s FREE to sign up and take a look at the courses we offer.

Our podcast now has a subscription feature! For $4.99/month, you will have exclusive access to content we don’t post anywhere else – workshop content we present at events, meditations, and more!

We are here to assist you with your evolution. We invite you to connect!

Published by Kelly & Kellie

We are specialists of physical movement with over 60 years experience, training and practice between us.

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