Foundations of Baguazhang Kung Fu

In this course I share some of the methods I have used to develop real skill with Baguazhang Circle Walking, the foundation of all Baguazhang skill and one of the most potent healing qigong disciplines anyone can learn. Buy Link



Bagua Circle Walking is the core foundation of all skill with Baguazhang. It is considered a master class in movement because of how much the muscle, skeletal-fascia and nervous systems all have to work together in order to do the movements correctly. A person will literally walk in a circle holding various static postures with the upper body or performing ‘palm changes’ which are patterns of movement or ‘forms’ in order to train and condition body mechanics and methods of generating power that make up the foundation of the styles’ fighting techniques.

The basic solo training of Circle Walking in Baguazhang teaches the practitioner to control their momentum and timing in order to generate power with the entire body all at the same time. One whole integrated physical structure.


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