Baguazhang Basics

Baguazhang is sister art to Taichiquan and Xingyiquan. It used compact structural movements to condition the body and develop profound body awareness and conscious connection with th fascia and tendons. Baguazhang is is based on qigong concepts very much the same way Taichi/Taiji and Xingyiquan are. Buy Link


The basic foundations of Baguazhang are equivalent to, or beyond most first 1st degree black belt levels of conditioning and training of other arts. It is an advanced movement art and contains exceptional body flow training. The stepping methods condition the fascia and structural strength of the body in a very unique way that is often not understood until actually trained. The basic methods of Mud Stepping and Circle Walking alone contain a whole system of movement. Once learned, Mud Stepping and Circle Walking are further refined with Moving Forms and drills.


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