Heart Alchemy

Alchemy is the art of transformation, inner liberation, and change.

Connect to your inner Joy…

Kellie’s Offerings

The body is the key to healing and transformation on a cellular and soul level. Kellie uses her intuitive abilities along with the body’s wisdom to work with individuals on many levels. She has received certification in Naturopathy, Spiritual Coaching, and has received Light Weaving Attunements. After receiving Reiki attunements over twenty years ago, Kellie decided to put working with others on hold in order to heal and explore her unique abilities and gifts. She has worked with other alchemists over the years to unravel limited beliefs, explore emotional releasing from the body, learn & practice energy healing, and continues to do so to this day.

Kellie offers personal sessions to explore deeper inside of yourself to release what may be holding you back in your life, and to facilitate healing on physical and emotional levels. Each session is as unique as the person receiving.

Personal Consultation & Meditations

Sessions may be done in person or online. Individuals may book a consultation combined with energy body work and/or meditation. The type of session you want is dependent on what you feel you need. Kellie will consult with you to help you feel out where you might be stuck in your life and where you’d like to begin. She works with the body on many levels to help you release.

Personalized Meditation

Kellie crafts a beautiful meditation personalized just for you. Based on your intuition, she will be guided to pick cards from an oracle deck with messages meant for you. Each meditation is 25-30 min in length and will be emailed to you along with the card and its message so you may listen to it at your leisure.

Consultation (45 min-1-hour)$55
Consultation & Meditation (1-1&1/2 hrs)$75
Consultation, Energy Body Work, & Meditation$110
Personalized Meditation $45

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