Golden Age Architects – Online Shop

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The online shop features our energy clearing and healing facilitation services. For over 25 years, we have done shadow and light work, and assisted others to build bridges from the physical & emotional to the spiritual. It has been our honor to work with and continue to assist others on their wellness journey. We offer Shaolin Qi Distance Healing, Aura Cleanses, Chakra/Aura Analysis, Personalized Meditations, Archangel Healing, and much more!

The shop is a convenient way to book our personal Qigong or Baguazhang sessions and other merchandise.

Legendary Living Arts will continue to serve and evolve as we do! Click the link below to view our offerings and see what resonates with you.

“Kellie’s skill in removing several entities from my energetic field has helped me regain my energy levels, significantly lessened my fatigue, and strengthened my natural healing abilities. Working with her to clear and heal from these attachments has been such a blessing. Her skill as a clairvoyant is amazing. I highly recommend.”

Kelly F.

“I really appreciate Kelly’s teaching in Bagua and Qigong in my personal and professional life. His teachings in the 8 Pieces of Brocade are perfect to share with my patients and gave them tools to improve their health that fits really well in my Traditional Chinese Medicine practice.”

— Dr. E. Barretto, Natural Health Consultant

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