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Legendary Living Arts is pleased to launch our new website! We have been working behind the scenes for the last few months to put together an easy to navigate website for those interested in learning more about us, the classes we offer, and additional resources we think you might find useful on your wellness journey.

Subscribe to our blog page where we will be sharing training tips, discussing resources we post in the resource section, and much more.

Check out our new podcast The Open Door! Several months ago when we moved our classes to an online platform due to pandemic restrictions, we began a meditation and discussion session. Our participants encouraged us to start a podcast to share our insights with more people, so we took the suggestion to heart. The Open Door podcast was born out of our love of sharing with others. Periodically we will interview guests who share their love for what they do and their unique perspectives on life, love, spirituality, training/exercise, wellness, and everything in between. We invite everyone to walk through the door with us to expand horizons and view what is possible!

Kellie and Kelly welcome you to our new website and invite everyone to connect with us. Please take a look around, learn about the arts, read about our personal training services, and see what classes we offer. We look forward to sharing and hope you do too!

In health & wellness,

Kellie & Kelly

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Healy is a wearable, FDA cleared wellness device that delivers individual microcurrent frequency to help you balance your bioenergetic field. The Healy contains 144,000 frequencies to increase the ATP (adenosine tri phosphate) or energy production of the mitochondria in the cells for specific function. It assists in pain management and brings the body back intoContinue reading “Bio Resonance with Healy”

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In this short episode on the podcast, Kellie talks about the conscious transitions she’s making in motherhood and how being conscious of the transitions helps her kids transition too. With her in their early twenties and late teens, motherhood takes on a different meaning and the roles in their lives change. Energy is freed upContinue reading “Motherhood Transitions”


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