This month’s post features two of our most recent podcasts!

A couple of weeks ago, we published our 60th episode on LOVE that we recorded with our boys – a fun, frank, fab discussion about love, compassion, and how we often look outside of ourselves rather than inward. We had a great time and would love to hear what you think!

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For other podcast links, please visit our website page.

This month, we kicked off Season 4 with members of the Frequency Mama’s with a new monthly segment:

H.E.A.L. – Healing Energy Activation Love – where we feature members of the Frequency Mama’s – a team dedicated to helping others through the power of Healy. We talk about how Healy found them, how it’s helped their lives and those they love, how it’s changed their business, the power of quantum healing, energy, love, activation and much more.

Today, we welcome Jennifer Scott, Kalie Arrowsmith, and Jessaiah Zure to the podcast! We had a lot of fun discussing how Healy found us and how most of us hesitated until we knew it was right for us. Then there was no looking back! Healy helps us not only connect to ourselves, but hold space for our loved ones and clients. It has been a game changer for all of us to give our bodies the bioenergetic support it needs to thrive. To learn more, check out a previous post here. Another great blog article on Healy can be found here: Microcurrent Magic & Tapping into Torus Energy Via Zero Point Using The Healy Coil

To connect with our guests:

Jennifer Scott 

Instagram – @intuitivehealingwithjenn


Kalie Arrowsmith

Instagram – @intuitive.connection

Jessaiah Zure

Instagram -@jessaiahzure_healingroads


Episode Links: Anchorfm Spotify Google Podcasts Apple Podcasts

Send us a message any time to ask us for more info! We invite you to connect 🙂

Video Clips of the Podcast: Intro, Fave Program, Quantum Scanner, Working with Others

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