Raise the Family Frequency

Would you like to learn how to develop open and honest communication with your partner/spouse? Would you like to learn to speak from your heart when talking with your children? Do you wish to create a calm and peaceful household? Do you know how to hold space for your emotions? Would you like to learn what it means to hold space for someone else’s tough emotions?

Many times we complain about our children’s behavior or that of our spouse/partner. When we learn to hold space for our own emotions, we develop skills to not only hear ourselves, but to be able to hear another from a healthy emotional place.

Join us Sunday, October 23rd for a special workshop where Kellie & Kelly, along with Kellie’s children, discuss how to develop open and honest communication that shifts the family frequency. With real life examples of deep shadow work that can be done to strengthen the family unit, they will hold space for people to learn, integrate, and put into practice these strategies.

To Register: https://legendarylivingarts.ca/october-22-2022-workshop/

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We are specialists of physical movement with over 60 years experience, training and practice between us.

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