Bio Resonance with Healy

Healy is a wearable, FDA cleared wellness device that delivers individual microcurrent frequency to help you balance your bioenergetic field.

The Healy, depending on which edition you have, contains 10 million frequencies you can access for support of your bioenergetic field, organs, tissues, bones/joints, and blood. 144,000 frequencies can be accessed in the Gold program group alone. These frequencies increase the ATP (adenosine tri phosphate) or energy production of the mitochondria in the cells for specific function. It assists in pain management and brings the body back into balance.

The cells in our bodies communicate through scalar waves via the liquid gel that is in and surrounds each cell in our body. The quantum sensor in Healy communicates with our cells via scalar waves.

Think of it this way: Your body is your vehicle. Microcurrent frequency is like a key fob for your vehicle. When you hit the right frequencies, you create coherence in your body that “unlocks” your vehicle. When you have blocks or interference, you may not have optimum health or experience pain in some way. Healy delivers the frequencies your body needs to create balanced energy in your body, therefore assisting you in reaching coherence.

Healy can be used in a variety of ways. The microcurrent is delivered via leads connected to wrist bands or TENS pads, or through the coil. The coil allows you to have more freedom of movement when running a program rather than having to deal with the wires attached. You can choose from a variety of programs designed to send you optimal frequencies, depending on what edition of Healy you have.

The quantum sensor inside can also scan your bioenergetic field and suggest programs you might need to help you return to balance. Three apps are used. The Heal Advisor suggests programs based on what you want to target that day. Then you can access the Healy app from there and go directly to the program of your choice. Once the program has been sent to your Healy, you can turn off the bluetooth function and enjoy the good vibes being sent into your energy field.

The Heal Advisor Analyse app works in one of three ways.

The Aura/Chakra scan will give you suggestions for what may be causing imbalances in your auric energy field. The Coach Analysis targets a block you may have to something, and will analyze your energetic field to determine what is causing incoherence. Focusing on a positive statement of the desired state you wish to achieve, you can discuss the possibilities with your practitioner. Then you can run the appropriate microcurrents to help with coherence.

The Resonance Analysis has several program groups you can choose from. Choose a group and the quantum sensor will scan your bioenergetic field and choose which frequencies you most need in the moment. There are groupings for Creative Homeopathy, Vital Substances, all of your programs from the Healy App, I-Ching, and much more.

The quantum sensor allows for sessions to be done long distance or in person. Sessions with Kellie can be 30 minutes to 120 minutes long depending on your needs. Thirty minute sessions would consist of running scans and sending frequencies with the Resonance Analysis. Longer sessions would use the coil or leads in person, and more of the features of the Resonance Analysis if long distance. Combined with Soul Navigation or other energy work, Healy assists you and the practitioner in achieving greater energetic balance.

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