New Podcast with Author Sara Lunsford

This week on the podcast, Kellie had the pleasure of interviewing long-time author friend – Sara Lunsford. They met at the RT Convention (Romantic Times) many moons ago, when Kellie was new in the publishing industry. Sara has been an inspiration as she shares her life & writing journey on social media, and keeps it real on the daily. Sara is co-host of The Cliterati: The Podcast with a Vagenda. A hilarious show that covers topics you didn’t know you needed to hear covered: sex, dating, masturbating, women’s issues, feminism, peens and vageens.

Sara’s Bio: Fairytales aren’t the absence of struggle, they’re about persevering through the darkest night. They’re about hope. Hell yeah, I write fairytales.

I wrote my first story after watching The Exorcist at my 8th birthday party. I tried to write my first romance after watching Howling VI: The Freaks. Because come on, a werewolf in love with a preacher’s daughter, taken captive by an evil vampire and love conquering all? Sign me up! If that sounds like your OTP, then this is the start of something beautiful!

Sara’s Website:

IG: @amazongoddessofdoom


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