New Podcast!

As many of our followers may know, we have a successful podcast The Open Door. We try to upload a new episode each week, but sometimes our lives are busier than others.

This week, Kelly and I sat down and recorded a live video on Instagram – please follow us there – and we talked about the connections between Qigong, Baguazhang, quantum healing, and the bio resonance device Healy. We have been using the Healy for a few weeks now as well as with family and clients, and it is helping us give support to our bio energetic field. What is that you say? Well….

When we think of ourselves as frequency first, we need to support our bio energetic field. According to Internal Chinese Medicine, our organs are the vortexes for our energetic existence. Wouldn’t it be nice to support our body this way?

The link to the podcast is HERE

We hope you check it out and take advantage of our spring special: 3 Healy sessions & 3 Qigong/Bagua classes (half hour in length each) for $200. To Learn more, send us an email at:

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We are specialists of physical movement with over 60 years experience, training and practice between us.

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